About Me
​Despite my mother’s long insistence that she found me in a bakery, I was born  in an Air Force Hospital in Montgomery, Alabama and raised partially in  Brooklyn, finishing my adolescent years on Long Island.

My fascination  with horses began in early childhood, when I would prance up and down the  streets of Brooklyn, snorting and tossing my head and insisting my mother call  me "Silver Magic" (corny, I know, but early childhood is the operative term  here). I would tie a rope around my kid sister’s waist and force her to gallop  ahead of me while I held the "reins". She developed shin splints and I grew up  adoring horses all the more.  where I was given proper riding lessons. I rode through high school and college and graduate school.

I rode through a marriage, a job teaching high school English,  raising three children, a divorce and acceptance into a Ph.D program in Psychology which included a scary period when I found my mentor talking to the fish in our experiments and insisting that they were answering him in his dreams. He moved on to Haldol and a long stay in a sanitarium and I married for the second time, not too dissimilar a fate. I ultimately left the academic world and decided to write and teach dressage riding. Ride and write, write and ride.

In my horse life, I have done everything from saddle breaking horses to riding Grand Prix dressage. In my writing life, I have written feature articles about the horse world since 1993 for several prestigious horse magazines, including Dressage Today, HorsePlay and The Chronicle of the  Horse as well as having written newspaper articles and a feature story that was included in a horse book anthology. More recently, I have been lucky to have had the opportunity to study screenwriting for two years and eventually collaborated on a screenplay with a two time Emmy award winning producer/writer. I have a passion for screenwriting as well as writing books.
Another  passion of mine is donating my time and money to worthy projects that concern  horse, dog and elephant rescues and I’m always urging everyone I know to get  involved in the protection of those creatures that depend on us for their  survival. At the moment my immediate family includes my two wonderful daughters, my husband, four dogs, an African Grey, a Moluccan cockatoo, two cats, a canary a guinea pig, a few horses and three foster baby elephants. My motto is "A heart that is big enough to hold elephants, can hold everything else."

But I still spend the majority of my time riding and writing.
I can’t think of anything else I’d rather do.