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  Still Life with Elephant​​

it's what you don't hear
that really counts. 
What could be a better combination
​than horses and  elephants?

An Inconvenient Elephant

Neelie is back with a new friend.
Meet Diamond-Rose.
And you won't believe what happens between Neelie and Tom. 
For horselovers and elephant people.
And anyone who understands the mystical call of animals


​​"I have not laughed so much at a book since Bridget Jones' Diary. The writing was sharp  and witty, and I loved being plunged into the horsey world, particularly with  such eccentric and loveable characters." 
                        - Jane Green,  author of Jemima J and The Other Woman

A laugh a minute, Horseplay delivers the hierarchy of the riding world from barn shenanigans to the hunky guys to the pompous equestrian elite."    
​                     -Jo-Ann Mapson, author of Hank & Chloe, Bad Girl Creek
                       and The Owl Cafe​